Why Join?

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Greater Los Angeles (UPAAGLA)

Imagine reconnecting with your college room mate, classmate in Spanish,
or the ever memorable fraternity and sorority members, not to mention
your former “barkada” at the AS steps. It’s like Facebook-in-the-“esh
when we gather around these UPAAGLA meetings and events because it
feels like we are ONE BIG BARKADA (community) – but now, perhaps much
wiser, much more experienced in profession and life, and mostly having a
sense of humor that only the passage of time and living across the globe
brings. “Barkada” has been replaced with the feeling of COMMUNITY –
reliving the spirit of UP, the camaraderie, and the common ground from
which we all sprung from to pursue our adult and professional lives which
we now enjoy. Celebrating life with our fellow UP Grads at UPAAGLA, and
creating events and projects together is more than fun – it is a full circle
Joining UPAAGLA is your connection with that community that has grown
from being a student of UP to becoming a member of a dynamic,
intelligent, and fun community that celebrates our alma mater, provides
community service, and supports worthwhile causes for the University of
the Philippine students.
UPAAGLA’s principal MISSION is to link, build, network, and
sustain lifelong relationships amongst alumni from various UP
schools, particularly those residing in the Greater Los Angeles
We seek to foster fellowship and to create projects that bene:t our
community and our alma mater
We support scholarships, fund professorial chairs, and endorse
worthy causes
We value each of our members and appreciate each alumni for their
individual contributions and our collective accomplishments
We share our individual and collective talent, resources and ideas,
and participate with groups that bene:t our ideals
We provide social, civic, and career networking for our members
residing in the Greater Los Angeles area
“ I like the group because during our meetings and events, I feel young and relive my
UP days. It feels like we are one “barkada” yet more so, because with the depth and
richness of each of our professional and personal lives now, UPAAGLA is a wonderful
community of talents, creative ideas, networking, and good old fashioned FUN!”
– Carina Pilapil, BSBA ‘79