Who can join UPAAGLA?

Anyone can join UPAAGLA. Non-alumni members are considered ‘associate members’ who can participate in all events but not hold any cabinet positions. Click here to become a member!


Why should I join UPAAGLA?

Joining UPAAGLA gives you a chance to connect with old friends and network through new connections. We are a growing organization aiming to help alumni in Los Angeles & around the world, as well as to give back to our beloved Alma Mater.


Where do membership dues go?

Membership dues go towards the organization’s projects & fundraising. Just recently, UPAAGLA donated a Professorial Chair for $30,000 in honor of former UP President Emerlinda Roman. We are the first and only UP Alumni Association to have donated a Chair in her honor. We are currently working on becoming a certified non-profit, like our ‘parent’ association, UPAAA (UP Alumni Association in America).


Are you a recognized Alumni Association?

Yes, both the UP Alumni Association in America (UPAAA) & the UP Alumni Association (UPAA) recognize UPAAGLA as an alumni association.

How can I help as a member?

Members can help achieve UPAAGLA’s goals by participating in events, helping fundraise, and attending meetings.

How can I donate to UPAAGLA?

Simple! Donate by sending money to our Paypal Account (email: treasurer@upaagla.org).

Where else can UPAAGLA be found online?

We are on most social media platforms! Follow us on twitter: @upaagla or friend & like us on Facebook!